Point Prayers

We must direct our prayers, we must pray with purpose, we must point our prayers with the backing of our unwavering faith.

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” ~ Ephesians 6:18

September 15, 2016 

Lord you are good, kind and ever present. When you call on is to a purpose and we obey, you shine your eternal light on us. You lead us into uncharted territories; sometimes these places can seem strangely cold and silent. When it’s silent, we wonder what’s next to come. But then you whisper to us “be still and know that I am God”; what seems like a mountain right now will soon become a leveled terrain -balanced. In the silence we pray for focus and determination to understand that you are working it all out for our good; that you are lining up the stars perfectly for our calling. We trust you and believe the works of your loving hands. Direct our paths, lead us through living out our purpose being your FREE children. We thank you for being good, kind and ever present.

In Jesus Name,



August 25th, 2016To my Little Lady

He gave you life; I birthed you
He gave you wings; I’ll teach you to flyIMG_2133
He gave you personality; I’ll help you enrich it
He gave you wisdom, I’ll help you grow in it
He gave you to me…my precious priceless gift; I will stay true to you as long as I live so you can live freely in His light. You my little lady will always be FREE

In Jesus Name,



August 17th, 2016

My Heavenly Father,

I am not perfect and I have flaws. However, you have bypassed all these and asked me to get up and put my best foot forward. I must confess that sometimes I think I’m not worthy of the purpose you’ve placed on my heart. But then I remember what you’ve said in Nehemiah 6:3 ‘I am doing good work and I cannot come down’. Then I am encouraged to go about my day knowing that I am enough and the works that you’ve called me to you will see me through. Please strengthen me and give me the joy to do your worm wherever I go.

In Jesus name,



August 9th, 2016

There is something that happens when there is discord in marriage…that moment where you talk things over and try to move on but for some reason, your emotions don’t match your mind and your heart. Its like you are functioning but these three things aren’t aligned. What does that mean? And how does a wife get beyond such lingering feelings? Pssst how about we take it to God in prayer? This is a prayer I wrote in February when my husband and I were going through a brief season of frustrations. Months later, I still read this prayer regularly as a reminder to not let bitterness creep in…just this weekend! How many of us know the enemy quickly creeps in when the slightest opening to our hearts is available.

This week’s Point Prayer is for spouses who need a little nudge getting over that lingering negative feeling after a disagreement with their significant others. Pray this often…it’ll amaze you how quickly your feelings begin to turn (don’t resist…just let the Holy Spirit lead your heart)

File Aug 08, 9 04 42 PM

Dear God,

You instruct me to rid myself of bitterness, rage, anger, slander, envy and any form of malice. You instruct me to be kind, compassionate, forgiving each other just as you have forgiven me. When we have a disagreement or conflict and I feel hurt I am inclined to shut down; and when we reconcile and forgive,my heart feels closed off. Its like I am having an out of body experience where I am here with my husband engaging in loving communications but my feelings are closed off or haven’t caught up yet with my mind and heart! This is ridiculous so I remember what you say in Ephesians 4:31-32 I realize – crap! I have let bitterness and anger linger in my heart.

I ask for forgiveness and ask that you give me the grace and gentle tongue to confess to my husband as well as completely forgive him. Please cause me to look within me and address the reasons for the bitterness. I believe it is by your help that this dark cloud will be replaced with light. Give me strength to battle the enemy through continuous prayer and speaking your word, meditating on it. Please help me to have everlasting lightness and love in my heart for my husband despite any conflicts that may arise in our union. Day by day, night by night, our marriage, our union, our journey is in your hands – make us gracious towards each other and grow in love everyday.



August 2nd, 2016

As I drove to work this morning, I heard something on the radio that disturbed my spirit greatly. As our kids prepare to head back to school in the coming weeks, the enemy is busy at work. The satanic temple of GA is actively seeking to have a presence in Georgia schools particularly elementary schools. Now how many of us know this is the formative critical years of a child’s life? I will not go into details on what this organization does (I think you can pretty much search the internet but their name is pretty self-explanatory). What I will do and what God placed on my heart after hearing this news is to do what He’s called us to do always and often → get on our knees and pray; usher these kids, administrators, teachers into His care. Prayer is not effective without faith backing it. I am going to pray in faith and hope you join me.

2016-08-02 17.56.39

Heavenly father, you know our hearts, you know our minds, you know what we need before we ask. You have said in your Word that we should ask and we shall receive, seek and we shall find, knock and the doors will be open (Mathew 7:7). Today I usher my daughter and all kids across the country going back to school into your care. The heartfelt wish of any parent is that their child will thrive in an environment free from the enemy’s attacks. I pray for the release of unwavering faith to flood the hearts of all parents, administrators, teachers that they will guide our kids in the right direction through fruitful instructions.

I pray that all fears be broken; that these kids will have the courage to say NO in the face of adversity. That they will flee from the enemy and your angels will cover them the crowns of their heads to the soles of their feet. I believe that you reign supreme above any spiritual attack and I soak every single child in your blood of protection. I stand with other Christian believers and we pray that your grace abound in the schools; your mighty wings cover these schools; your eternal love flood these schools; be it private or public in the name of Jesus the enemy is defeated!!! No temple or cult will have reign over our children; no temple or cult will have a foothold in these schools!!! We stand in the name of Jesus and scream that strongholds be gone; demonic satanic attacks be gone! You are not welcome in our schools!

I declare that the power of God is mightier than any tens of thousands of spiritual attacks. I will stand in faith and declare that your spirit lives in us, in our children so satan ye be gone!!! A successful school year we pray for; and above all may your will be done. May we (parents, teachers, administrators) rid ourselves of selfishness and seek to understand your works rather than be understood. You are the most high and I am grateful for the miracles and breakthroughs to come. Our kids are precious gifts to us; we pray that your will and purpose be fulfilled in their lives.

This is my Point Prayer in Jesus name,