3 Steps to Living with Clear Uncertainty

To hold your hands again, Daddy…

Daddy, I don’t think I will ever be ready to pour out from the depths of my heart what aches when I think of you – which is constant these days. On March 11th while the whole world grappled with the influx of Corona virus across cities and countries, I was rushing through time and airports trying to get to you. I had seen this scene many times in movies, read about it on books, heard about it from people, but never did I ever dream I would experience loss this way!

In just a twinkle of an eye you went from:
“How is your president?
Is your husband taking good care of you?
How are my grand kids?” to SILENCE!

I did not get to you on time; God did. Here is where I have a long pause…you held on for as long as you could, and when you couldn’t wait no more, you went to be with Him. Sometimes, this is surreal and at times it is so real my heart aches and hurts and the weeping doesn’t stop. Your leaving to be with God not only silenced our family; it became part of a great pause that had already begun to silence the world.

Though your silence has been deafening, painful, sometimes soul wrenching; I have been thankful for all the happenings and it is a lot of happenings! Some of them have left me in awe and some I still don’t know what to do, what to say or even how to go about it – your burial included. But then just as a good father leaves inheritance for his children’s children, you left good inheritance – the values instilled in me. So during these times when the impossible seems to be indeed impossible, Matthew 19:26 penetrates my heart and a reassurance that the God of Hope, the one who finally gave you rest will make the impossible, possible.

To get to this possible, there is a period of silence – waiting, that must be endured. I have searched for ways to journey through this silence and all I see is the longing to hold your hands again. Your hands guided, protected, counseled and firmly disciplined. When I think of the journey to the impossibly possible – the day this pain fully realizes its purpose – I try to hear your voice of what you would advise me to do. Physically I may have lost the ability to easily hold your hands but that doesn’t mean the hands of God aren’t stretched out. On those days when I yearn for your hands daddy, I see you placing my hands in that of Christ, smiling, nudging me to hold it tightly and never let go. There is safety, there is security in His arms. Jesus said to come to Him all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28)

I want to rest in Him, I need Jesus’s arms wrapped around me so that my journeying through this great pause of witnessing the impossible become possible shall all be willed by Him and through Him. People ask, well how are you faring day by day? I get asked this question quite a lot, especially from well-meaning loved ones and those who are aware of the challenges that we as a human race are facing this year.

This is when my Practical Pathways (taking the Word of God into everyday life) come into focus:
In my great pause of joining hands with Christ as I lose my earthly father’s, while Jesus’ hands guide me to journey through the impossible to get to the possible, here’s a process that I would recommend as quoted by St. Francis of Assisi:
1. Do what is necessary now and only within your control – list them.
2. Then do the next best step or thing – list them.
3. Then do the impossible – I call this step clear uncertainty – you see the destination, the purpose is clear but the HOW is uncertain. This is where God asks you to be silent, to be still, to pause and allow Him to do i.e. reveal the how in manageable steps to you. Yes, this is the impossible because my human nature isn’t to be silent, to be still, to pause; there is prayer, patience, positive mindset thinking. If you are able to practice these, then there is spiritual growth at each step towards the impossible becoming possible through Christ Jesus.

Everyday, I take time and allow my hands be joined with Jesus’s hands. It is an intentional and humbling precious time where I choose to fix my eyes of Jesus and not on what my heart in its natural form may be feeling. Each day that passes, one thing becomes clearer – to hold my dad’s hands again is to now live his legacy, and that is truly my honor.

Rest in Peace Daddy.

Staying FREE,


How is Your Heart?

If you could truly see my heart decades ago, we wouldn’t be friends, you would have shunned me. Nobody likes conditional love; a selfish heart is never attractive, a jealous heart is never satisfied, a disturbed heart is never settled, a lost heart is never found… never until transformed by the entire renewal of the mind and in Christ. Joyce Meyer says “what we do when no one is watching is who we really are.” I will explain it this way “what we falsely express out of our hearts (faking it) when everyone is watching is a detriment to our heart health.” I was that person, I didn’t know I was that person until something had to give.

“Keep vigilant, watch over your heart, that’s where life starts” Proverbs 4:23 MSG The heart is where everything flows from. Claretmedical.com puts it this way; your brain, part of the nervous system sends a signal to your heart, which then pumps oxygen rich blood to your entire body including the brain! So the heart is where everything flows from, science just explains what supernaturally has been known to be for centuries.

Certain factors can affect this process; doctors will say not enough oxygen from your heart to your brain equals fuzzy thinking, stroke etc. There is interruption of blood flow or blockage. What is good for your heart is absolutely good for your brain. Let’s take this closer to home – being disciples of Jesus. If my emotional blockage in my heart is anger, what does that blockage do to my heart and then my brain and all other parts of my being? This blockage – anger- if not healed can suck the life out of me…my brain! If care isn’t given, the blockage – anger- compounds and over time symptoms begin to show up.

Are you detecting your emotional blockages so far? I detected mine when I became a mother – awareness. There were triggers and situations that struck ungodly emotions from my heart such as this anger. The output of such triggers is what I call transference of anger i.e. the hurts that one experiences, when triggered creates a transference of anger towards innocent people. Once my mind was renewed in Christ, as I begun the journey of forgiving my abusers, I resolved that if dying to self is gaining Christ, then gaining self is losing Christ! And I didn’t want to lose Christ…I had to choose life or death. I had witnessed first hand what both experiences produced in my heart and for as much as gaining Christ took a lot of work such as relinquishing control, it released and freed my heart to live and love. Understand that when you allow your emotional blockage sit in your heart, it creates very unpleasant experiences for you which is then transferred onto others.

How do you correct these blockages then? Nelson Mandela once said “a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” It takes your head and heart. Your head (mind) being aware of the symptoms, hearing from people who know you and you trust to reveal these blockages to you. Then doing the work at healing your heart off these blockages. It takes time and effort just as you would per doctor recommendation.

Based on personal experience, my first recommendation is inviting God to sit in your heart; to own that space. God is indeed love and “there is no fear in love” therefore where do you hear your heart beating for the most? My second recommendation is to find a healthy community of friends (tribe) that would in some cases include a mentor, podcasts, books, counselor or therapist, life coach, spiritual director (yes it is a job). A tribe like this can keep you vulnerable and help you focused and live your best life. The third recommendation is to allow God to work in your heart, for every ungodly symptom that pops up, please don’t shove it under a rug or mask it with busyness, hurried life or running from Him. Face your fears, cast your worries on Him, do the work at healing your heart just as you would if you got a wake up call after a stroke etc. Don’t neglect that which can bring you peace – a healthy heart. So if I may, how is your heart my friend?

With much love,


When the storms of life roar, let your soul roar louder!!!

Leaving church anticipating family date day.

Sunday January 26th, 2020 was family day for me and my crew. We packed up my soon to be former office, explored a new mall sharing one Auntie Annie’s plain pretzel and ended at Munchies for ice-cream. Here, we all expressed ourselves differently by the types of flavors and toppings we picked. Then as our youngest chose to but for a minute own the cups of his sugar-eating teammates, spoons of melting ice-cream flying across my husband’s face and beard, there was a thought lingering…to cherish these moments and rather than be upset of spilled milk – literally – choose to laugh at the milk-sprayed beard. In that same thought was that of the Bryant family and the tremendous loss from having heard about it a few hours into our family day date. 

Munchies ice-cream. Baby boy dipped into all three cups.

As we wound down for the night and gathered for our regular Sunday night devotion, my husband and I were looking for the words. We felt what was heavy on our hearts was just that – appreciating life, seeing and really seeing each other, and loving one another. He asked me if I had any Bible verse to read and immediately I whispered Romans 12, specifically 12:12 but start from verse 9 – 21. The NIV version titled this block of verses “Love in Action” appropriate for the tension of the day.

We hear it, we read it that…tomorrow is never promised, life is too short, you only live once, live life to the fullest…and the list goes on. I want you to pause and add this to your list but it’s a question…two questions actually: if tomorrow never comes for me, where will I spend eternity and what legacy do I want the world to remember me by? The reason why I love Romans 12:12 is this, it assures us of how we ought to live life in both good times and not so great times.

  • Be joyful in hope: joy comes from the heart, from the inside out. A fulfilled space in our hearts that material things cannot fill, it is a state when you have contentment and despite a hardship, you can smile and feel full with a higher peace. Live expectantly that all things will work together for your good!
  • Be patient in affliction: patience is a virtue they say, add patience in the Lord produces immeasurable strength and perseverance to will. Why? Because when you are patient and you stand the tests of life, you grow in many ways and if you allow, you are strengthened to impact many lives through your testimony.
  • Be faithful in prayer: the ultimate soul hugger for everyday. Prayer puts us in conversation with our maker, it brings us to the face of our Heavenly Father who sees us and really sees our heart. he hears our pain, He knows our struggles and He hugs us while preparing to send us a magnificent victory. Prayer moves mountains, prayer makes a way, prayer heals broken hearts, prayer wakes up dry bones, prayer defeats the enemy, prayer unveils miracles, prayer calms the roaring seas, prayer is our ultimate weapon and soul hugger everyday!

My eight year old daughter could visibly see the shock as her parents processed the shock of Kobe and his daughter Gigi’s passing. It was an appropriate time to teach some lessons. As we discussed the above scripture, I closed with this: “Kennedy, life has ups and downs, today might be a happy day but tomorrow could be awful…could be a reminder of how delicate precious life is…like today. What I want you to know and remember is that there is an end to everything…even life. That is why you must live and love people, you must see people, your brother, me, daddy. You must get to their hearts and not just see their faces. Life is not eternal but your soul will be. Do you understand that we must live everyday doing good just as Jesus did?” Her response was obvious.  

My soul will always roar louder because God breathes through my heart to live now, and live it well.

Here’s what it comes down to…when storms of life roar, let your soul roar louder!!! You must remain confident that He who created you, and willed you to be, no matter the heart ache, the heartbreak, the struggle, the affliction, the darkness, the challenge, the heart blockages…God will see you through to completion if you never give up hope, you remain prayerful and love even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it. Life is now, live it well, live it in the abundance of God’s love and peaceful joy

With much encouragement,


God Called. I Called It Quits!

Happy New Year 2020 beautiful hearts. The year 2019 was a year of bold moves, primarily in my thoughts and perspectives on life. How many of you reading this post today know that nothing happens by chance, or in a vacuum? Someone bigger, more powerful than you and I orders our steps everyday. Craig Groeschel says it best in his sermon at Life Church “you were made for significance not just survival”. The time I heard this statement I was desperately caught in a quandary over some decisions that I needed to make.

As I sat in meeting after meeting that fateful day in Dallas, TX working on strategic Change Management process and plans for business leaders and teams, I felt a tug at my heart. This was a tug that I had wrestled with myself about – to heed and obey the call on my life. There are the passions that I enjoy and there is a call that God has placed on my life and is looking and waiting for that obedience to go and do. As this tug grew stronger I was taken into a trancelike place where it was death. As I stood there, seeing a tombstone I heard this voice say “what do you want it to say? What would you be known for?” At that moment I was brought back to the present and it was in that space, in that moment that I knew it was time.

Time to move, time to obey, time to change, time to say “yes Lord”. Just as quickly as I whispered “yes Lord”, in that same speed, the enemy flooded my mind with fear and doubt. But here’s one thing you have to believe about thoughts; you can change your thoughts. Yes, affirm what you know to be the truth spoken on your life by the most high God, and refute the lies that condemn and keep you stuck…bound.

I made the decision to move and place all dominoes (plans and steps) in His hands. In making this move there were some truths I had to affirm constantly:

1) God knows the plans He has for me (and you) they are plans for good (Jeremiah 29:11) therefore, I will receive only what is apportioned to me from heaven i.e. what is mine shall be mine (John 3:27)

2) Never give up. Seek wisdom. His Word says to ask and He will give generously. He will not rebuke us for asking (James 1:5) … we shouldn’t ask based on wrong motives or passions, ask based on what His will is for your life.

3) Just start with the next best step and start with only that which the Lord entrusts me with to start. The tug on my heart was the longing for slowing down to allow my heart to put my faith to work. My faith has to be fully realized through God’s calling which is to see every woman and young girl set FREE through His son Jesus Christ. In the process of obeying His call, I also want prioritize and enjoy my kids growing up and expand my knowledge of leadership…which I believe are all part of His masterplan. It felt daunting and overwhelming at first, so what I did was look at each stream and identified the steps. I prayed and asked God to show me the next best steps…and He did.

4) Believe that all things shall work together for your good – be steadfast in prayer, believing that He has already done it.

5) Understand there is growth where there is discomfort, and in that discomfort new strength, new muscle, new life is birthed.

So I took a bold step at the beginning of this year to make changes, one being my job to allow me the bandwidth needed to pursue those life impacting streams underpinned by my faith.

For the first time in my fourteen-year career in corporate America, I resigned and felt that it honored God, it was more of Him and less of me. It felt right, it was an act of obedience. And also for the first time, I freely poured my heart out to colleagues and the responses were nothing short of encouraging; the pinnacle of that being when one business leader asked to pray over me…in the workplace…in my office…which I responded in the affirmative “of course!” I felt the Holy Spirit in that moment…oh!

Beautiful hearts, what is that which tugs at your heart? You know what it is. Is it freedom? Is it healing? Is it finding your purpose? Is it knowing your calling? Is it making a change? Whatever the tug is, you cannot step into it and fulfill it without first knowing where that tug is coming from. You must trust and obey, you must speak life, you must know Jesus “the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2)

I wish you a blessed 2020 and decade.

With heartfelt love,



Something happened this week which surprisingly has brought some balance to my days. I decided to set boundaries in my schedule. Using the ‘do not disturb’ feature on my phone after a certain time in the evening to a certain time in the morning gives me control of what the outside bring into my life. Using this feature even at work helps me to balance and focus giving me mental clarity. Also, permanently muting all notifications has quieted my mind, because I choose when I want to engage and respond. Whoooooo!!!

Our lives are so full – I choose to not use two words: busy and stress – the mention of them and your mental clarity is already being affected. There is so much in your life that you can control starting with you. I walked by the bagel in the break room several times debated if I should eat that extra carbs or not, rationalized I would burn it off by running. Ultimately, I chose not to. Right there I had taken control back from food. Rather than managing so many items on that to do list, consider ways in which you can balance yourself. Maybe saying no, maybe letting go of something, maybe increasing your resources somewhere to reduce the pressure else where. It all starts with you and the boundaries you put in place.

Managing the distractions in our life comes down to boundaries because “if the devil can’t use you he will distract you” Craig Groeschel. Are you trying to quiet the distractions around you? Do you see yourself putting these boundaries in place? Try it.


A Constant Pursuit of FREEdom

Here’s what: I love what Craig Groeschel says “successful people do consistently what other people do occasionally”. I am a strong proponent of habits and developing systems that contribute to achieving goals. One of three books that have impacted me so far this year, I even created a whole managerial program on it Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Normally a blog will highlight steps to, or keys to or some sort of quick guide/help. I have none of that to give because I believe if you want to invest in yourself and achieve the goals and results you want, you have to do the work. That is what being in constant pursuit of FREEdom is about. You do the work, you rid yourself of the things that weigh you down, and hold on to the things that bring you peace and wealth in Christ.

Go grab the book, listen to Life Church podcast on Habits and do. Again, please do. Don’t let not seeing immediate results deter you because the God we serve doesn’t deal in ‘immediate results’, He is a meticulous on time God. Build your systems, habits and the results will eventually show.

You didn’t see all the times I exercised through pain, I cried because I couldn’t get past 1 mile without stopping, I binged ate through stress, I doubted myself…many times, I prayed my way through positive thinking…always. What you see is this.

Run your own race, never give up because Jesus never gave up on us.



Unlock Your 20-20 Vision

Have you ever been in a situation where you have on the perfect eyewear, I mean name brand reputable fashionable eyewear, and yet you can’t see? You even remove it and clean it with whatever cotton material your hands can grab but still, your vision is cloudy and just not right.

That is how it is when you feel the burden and calling to do something but the next step, next move isn’t clear. In order for you to hit ‘check mate’ and confidently walk in that call, you need to unlock the vision.

In my journey of mindful transformation, God has placed certain visions on my heart which I have gradually become obedient in pursuing. When the vision was blurry, I wiped it up with my own thoughts, rationale; when the vision became foggy and cloudy, I tried to clear it up seeking the opinions of others. In the end, it got cloudier and more unfocused from the original.

To unlock your 20-20 vision, there are very simple rules you need to follow:

1. Pray and ask God for discernment about the vision. It sounds simple but this step is most important. You need wisdom to understand and knowledge to persevere.

2. Write down the vision. It means you must unpack what the vision is that you have a burden on your heart to fulfill. I unpack any vision by writing the initial thought down, walking away, think through it and if after some time, the need to do gets stronger, then that is it.

3. Speak and think your vision into existence. You have to shift from your old self to a new self – in your mindset, in your network, in your actions. The more you speak and think it, the more the path becomes visible to journey through.

Blurred vision creates confusion, God, time and patience through the process will untie any complexities and clear up any fog.



3 Healthy Ways to Shun Racism

It was a beautiful Friday morning and we were headed out to Destin, FL for a family weekend getaway. In the haste of trying to hit the road early, I decided to pick up ‘Little Swimmers’ for my 20-month old son either on the way there or when we got to our destination.

It was about two and half hours into our drive, passing through a small town in Alabama (name withheld on purpose) when we spotted a Walgreens. I beckoned to my husband to stop so we could just pick up what we need to allow for more beach time as soon as we arrive. The new diaper bags these days are styled as backpacks (hallelujah) because it makes for easy mobility of both hands, Amen! As I was getting out of the car, I heard a voice cautioning me that entering the store with this backpack might be an experience because of who I am perceived to be per society, and the fact that we were in a small town predominantly of a certain race different from mine. I smiled and decided to go after all it has the money I will need to pay plus, it’s my right…right?

So I walked into the store, finally found what I was looking for, picked it up from the shelf and made my way to the cashier to pay. As I was walking towards the line, I heard a voice asking “is that your handbag?” I thought I heard wrong so I turned and it was an elderly woman (race obvious to you from my previous statements about our location?) I asked “excuse me?” She asked the question again “is that your handbag?” At that moment, it was like I had been punched in the gut! But then I immediately remembered the moments right before I entered the store… it was like God had prepared me to expect something… I had a premonition?

I smiled at the lady and responded “yes, it is my handbag and a diaper bag” She then followed by asking “well where is the baby?” I swallowed the pride that was starting to form in my throat and responded again “oh he is in the car” She asked “by himself?” Again I smiled and said “oh no, he’s with my husband and seven year old daughter” At that point I could see her defenses, or ignorance start to fade a bit and she responded “because these days you never know with what you hear in the news about shootings, bombs and babies left in cars…” I diverted the conversation to babies. End of story. I left Walgreens feeling very blessed that God has worked on my heart and that forgiveness and grace is what I walk in daily. This situation could have gone a different direction but knowing what I value and whose I belong to, I chose to let my response be my responsibility… and noone else’s… not history, not perceptions, not the rights, nobody’s but mine. So what do you do in a situation like this?

1. Envision your response: there is something powerful about beating the enemy by their own game. By training your mind through envisioning a future response, you are preparing yourself to be ready. Irrespective of what stones are thrown at you, you choose your response and not allow the response to choose you. Before I stepped out of the car, I had the thought and rather than dismissing it, I imagined how I would respond should a situation like that occur. And it did, so because I had envisioned it, my response was the physical manifestation of just that.

2. Have a forgiving heart: for the peace that surpasses all understanding to be evident in you, you have to choose to forgive the past, the present, the future. It’s not as simple as it sounds, that is why you get to walk the path of forgiveness with Jesus; allowing Him to show you the way and how to forgive. In its simplest form, I pray for those who offend me. That takes everything in me especially in moments of disappointment but that is the moment when my heart is free and the offender no longer has a hold on my heart.

3. Remind yourself to be responsible for your response: rely less on your feelings and more on your head and the choices you make. Remember the consequences of what your response could create, it’s not only about you and your life; it’s about all the relationships you have. In simple terms, think before you act. In the moment when the elderly lady was badgering me with questions, I thought I have a right but in that moment, I also thought I have a family, I have a life and I respect myself too much to respond any other way than love.

Life is full of unpredictable circumstances that is why you make choices that elevate you and the devil be shamed.



Abortion: When the Only Choice I Know isn’t from Whom I Should Know

I gasped when I heard the story. That someone that close to me and my family had had an abortion. It was just two weeks earlier that I was overcoming the shock that another beautiful soul had strongly considered aborting her pregnancy. I remember sounding a sigh of relief, singing praise that indeed this unborn child was destined for greatness like every single soul God places on this earth.

Here I was listening as another controversial debate brewed in the news, on the lips of Christians, believers and non-believers. There are those who have chosen the path of publicly proclaiming their experience going through an abortion, proudly owning it as a choice that had to be made; there are those who have chosen the path of chastising and judging such proclamations; there are those who have chosen the path of silence; and those who are still wondering when things would get back to the way they were – when these issues are handled strictly by the laws of the land and not tampered with much.

Here I was in my underwear and bra, quickly pulling up my spanx, getting ready for the work day when on Channel 5 news such a discussion was being reported, celebrities sharing (prochoice) and Christian groups and some politicians (prolife) busily dispelling each other’s views. I paused pulling up the spanx, turned to my husband and asked, what about God? Why do believers have to keep him quiet while all this proclamation is going on? What messages are being silently sent to young girls who admire these celebrities? What does his Word say about this? So many questions, so many thoughts, opinions while trying not to judge.

The truth is this was me when I was in college and my virginity was stolen, taken… my belief was of the world…I had been sexually abused all through my childhood, in college I was raped – I strongly believed that I had every right to choose abortion… that if I ever got pregnant as a result, I was going to abort. I didn’t get pregnant, I was dealt something else which I will share in my book. Now I look back and I am indeed glad my beliefs have changed and I know better – actually the best. See I wasn’t close to God then, I did not have intimacy with Him. I was relying on me to do me, to decide from me for me, because it was my life…I didnt know better. But then I worked on me, invited God to work on me, replace me; now I do know better…I know the best there ever will be and I can’t imagine not leaning on Him but on my own human abilities – to choose.

If that was me then, and now I hear all this, what now then…God?

The truth is if we all look deeper into our thoughts, beliefs, they all stem from something therefore we should never be so quick to speak, as righteous as we think we are, thinking highly of ourselves than we ought to.

I know your Word says we should persevere and endure for in due season we will reap, that we should be patient in affliction, faithful in prayer and joyful in hope… the tests and trials that we go through becomes our testimony someday. For those who didnt know you God then but now they do, how do they craft this testimony? For those who knew you then and now, how do they craft such testimony?

So some of us now know better but others…not…yet. What do we do and where is our place while abortion debates are circulating left and right, influencing those with little faith and angering some. What now God?

Heres what…

Seek to understand rather than to be understood for even though you walk through the valley of the shadows of death my grace is sufficient for everyone; everyone who comes to me worried, heavy laden I will give rest, peace, forgiveness, joy, love, comfort…

Show compassion towards those afflicted and lost for I am gracious and righteous; I am full of compassion. I created each of you from my inner most being, everything that you have encountered I already knew and loved you through it all because some day you will come find me, and I will be here arms wide open to embrace you.

Help those you can help, provide for them because I am your help, I am their help, I am the one who sustains you and them. Lean in to me, draw closer to me and I will provide for them through you. Avail yourself as a vessel to love on them – each person has been given freewill, a choice, their journey with me is personal – leave the judging to me.

Here I am reconciling the goodness of God with our sin nature; I shed tears knowing the pain and affliction and loneliness that each of these women in my life and around the world felt and feel. I also shed tears for the souls that will never see the world as God had intended for them because of man’s freewill. But then I am comforted knowing the mandate he’s placed on us – to be salt and light.

So while I no longer subscribe to taking the life of an unborn child irrespective of how they came to be, I subscribe to God – the author and finisher of our faith – and extend a hand of understanding, a hand of compassion and help.



Pick Me Up

How many of us know that sometimes God places things on our hearts? What to do, where to go, what to read etc. This happened to me recently when I noticed myself getting into a monotonous routine with reading the Bible. To dismiss this thought I had to engage my mind and body so as not to be passive or use some form of excuse not to connect with God.

Then one morning as I was getting ready to travel for work, I heard it. The voice that tells you to do something and you feel convicted. I kept hearing ‘read Ezra’. Read Ezra?… with a puzzled look on my face. But if I have learned anything about an intimate walk with God, it is not to disobey him.

So I started reading the Book of Ezra – chapter one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… then it hit me. “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. we will support you so take courage and do it”.

As a leader, leading many aspects of people’s lives, oftentimes the weight of that gets to me and I need a ‘pick me up’. This Ezra 10: 4 was that pick me up. Knowing that you have to do it, you have given your all, and allowing God to bring you the right team or person or thing to give you an extra push, to speak life into you to continue in your journey or towards the finish line.

It might look something like this; when I must bake cookies for my daughter’s school project but I am not a baker – pick me up: my husband calling me ‘chef Mrs Daisie III’ as a way of appreciating my efforts, or when I have been on back to back travel with flight cancellations, delays, worn out and tired to serve at church – pick me up: your fellow coaches telling you to rest and they will help you through service.

I needed this Ezra when I needed it which was when God showed me that I needed to read it. Through the many hats we wear as women, do we have the right pick me up? What does it look like? Where do we go to get or have it?Having the right pick me up at the right moment, makes the difference between giving up and pushing through.