What Tugs at My Heart…

Moments that inspire me are often moments with my family, hearing from God, thought provoking things that people say or I come across in reading. In my travel this first week of May, I have encountered moments that have inspired, one that stands out to me as I read 1 Peter 4 at 3am in the morning has to do with using our gifts for what God has intended it.

My true North to ignite in others a can do mindset and a will do attitude is taking me places and immersing me in diverse conversations. When I get asked “must be hard to leave your family and come over here right?” My first expression is to smile, not a smile masking something but a genuine smile of joy. My family is my strength and God is my bedrock, my foundation. I take them with me while living in my purpose…using my gifts… so yes, it is ‘hard’ but there is joy…a whole lot of joy knowing that my family is fulfilled even in my absence, God sustains them…He sustains me.

When you have a great foundation and understanding of peace, joy and purpose, what tugs at your heart isnt what keeps you up at night, what tugs at your heart is what thrives you, moves you, keeps you going. 💖 ~Kate

9 thoughts on “What Tugs at My Heart…

  1. Abi Adesina says:

    You and your beautiful family are truly blessed Kate. You are indeed a great inspiration to many women out there. I pray God’s blessings our you in all you do. . Keep up tje good work girl .


  2. Kavita Bhattacharjee says:

    Well said Kate!!you have really written this note from your heart!!!this is the Kate I know and relate to😀good luck in all you do!!


  3. vieuhairproducts says:

    When you say “hearing from God” is an understatement because I have experienced that first hand with you. You are a true woman of God and I am incredibly inspired by how you diligently you work hard for something you stand for.


  4. vieuhairproducts says:

    When you say “hearing from God” is an understatement because I have experienced that with you not just once. I am incredibly inspired by how diligently you work for something you believe in. You are truly a woman of God. Keep blessing us with your motivation.


  5. Yolanda Townsend says:

    Ahhhhhh, my sister from God, as I read this I can’t stop thinking about your BIG heart. You are truly special, and your love for not just your family, but your friends as well, is enormous! You are definitely an inspiration in all that you do… your family, your health and most certainly you prayer life. I pray Gods continued blessings upon you and your family.


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