20170517_080434Earlier this week, I shared on my Instagram page a note on being self-motivated and didn’t include a Bible verse. I received a comment basically stating that what I blogged about was real and not that “Bible nonsense…” you know when I share posts with Bible verses…

Well to that I say when you don’t understand my Joy, don’t come for my heart. When you don’t understand my peace, don’t come for my soul. When you don’t understand my faith, don’t come for my strength.

I am unapologetically:
– Jesus lover
– Bible believer
– Peace restorer
– Joy promoter
– Heart warmer
– Mama bear
– Wifey on fleek πŸ˜‚
– FREE Woman!

My strength comes from the Lord and He is the foundation on which I stand firm…even when on one leg 😜. I do not seek worldly approval and opinions, I know whose I am and everyday He reminds me of His grace, mercy and love. In His truth I will always stand firm in my convictions that Jesus is Lord and He alone can set my soul FREE! He did a moon or two ago and its the best birthday gift ever. I know where I am going and can’t wait to meet Him when He calls me…do you?

Friend, when you don’t understand someone’s praise, do seek to understand…not from a hurting confused place, but from a genuine, loving and heart wide open to receive kinda place. That is how you are understood and you gain understanding. πŸ’–~Kate

2 thoughts on “Unapologetically…

  1. Alice Rivera says:

    I haven’t seen you in some time and when I saw your picture I smiled! You look awesome Mama Bear! 😍

    I believe your boldness and freedom truly comes from the Lord! I love it because anyone around you can feel it, it’s contagious! That’s the good stuff! Thank you my friend for being the light in this dark world.


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